Having a Seattle Boat Share Sharepass gets you access to the online reservations system, priority status for last minute use, and use of our boats as if they were yours. Members also may use boats outside of our office hours (10-6). For daily rentals, visit
If you do not have boating experience, or maybe just need help brushing up on your docking skills, we can help you. Safety is first in boating, and you do need either experience or instruction to stay safe.
Yes, with two qualifications: 1)You must be approved to do this by Seattle Boat Share personnel. This approval will be based on your experience in the locks AND the boat you want to take. This will be your “Locks endorsement’. 2) You must have a Boat US card in case you need assistance. This card is easy to get, affordable, and has many advantages besides vessel assist! Having this card will also be part of getting your locks endorsement.
Yes, and we will show you how to get one easily. Our insurance requires that all boaters have a Washington State boaters card. You can get one online at Or contact us and we will walk you through it. It’s easy.
All the boats are stocked with the required safety equipment, including adult life jackets to match the capacity of the boat. Children’s life jackets are not included.
For Sharepass holders hours are unlimited. During the summer Seattle Boat Share office hours are 10-6, 6 days a week and 10-4 on Sundays. Outside of these hours, you may use boats with two qualifications: 1) Prior arrangements which is easy- just let us know in advance and 2) A Boat US card in case you need assistance. With these two easy qualifications there are no limits on your use times.
Yes, with previous confirmation from Seattle Boat Share. 24 hour / overnight use is allowed if you have 1) booked the day before and after each planned overnight stay, 2) paid for those days, and 3) notified and received confirmation from Seattle Boat Share in advance of overnight stay.
The boats are available all season, so book yours now! Sharepass sales are limited to be sure that members have boats to use. Our unique reservation system allows members to keep track of their future bookings. Planning ahead helps make sure your important days are covered. Last minute reservations are usually available, especially for mid-week and afternoon use. For busy weekends, we keep a waiting list and rarely leave anyone stranded at the dock!
If you buy a boat, thousands a year in depreciation, storage, and maintenance. And then you have only one boat, which is taking up your entire driveway! At Seattle Boat Share, dock fees range from $40 to $160 depending on the boat, the time of year, and the time of day you reserve. You also pay for the fuel you burn. Seattle Boat Share adds a $1/gallon surcharge to fuel use to cover engine and systems wear.
Each boat has individual limits on capacity both in terms of total persons on board and total weight. However, for both comfort and safety we do not recommend pushing these limits. Take a look at the boat, the seating arrangments, and plan your trip so that everyone will be comfortable and safe.
We take pride in keeping our boats nice, and the one-timer Seafair party guy is our nemesis.